29 July 2014


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29 July 2014

So nothing in my life is where I want it to be. In highschool I once wrote down all of my problems and prayed about them and months later I looked back and all of my problems were gone. It was the best feeling in the world. 

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29 July 2014



i always had my head wrapped around the idea of getting into a wonderful university and getting a good job and getting married and having a family and being able to support them but for some reason now all i want to do is travel and eat new foods and meet new people and get a tan and buy a one way ticket and not come home

can i have both

29 July 2014



can’t wait for the new album :)


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28 July 2014

I am like very embarrassed and ashamed that I am 20 and never kissed anyone. Like I shouldn’t be because all the guys I went to highschool with were terrible. And like I am not really into these white Mennonite boys at college. Like looking back I don’t really regret not kissing anyone because seriously the right boy hasn’t come along. But society has taught me that if you haven’t gotten your first kiss by the time you are 16 you are some sort of loser freak. And then add 4 years to that and you are either on 19 kids and counting or are some sort of nun.

And like I am not either of those things. But it’s just embarrassing. Like my parents tell me to be proud of myself. I never settled. I never did anything I regret. But for some reason I still feel some sort of shame.

28 July 2014


The racist immigrants carry disease rhetoric is nothing new. 

Perhaps we need a U.S. history lesson:

Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the U.S. forged a program, through a series of agreements with Mexico’s PRI-dominated government, called the Bracero program. This program was used to fill in the gaps in manual labor the U.S. had after the war.

It sounds like a liberal dream: immigrants being given an opportunity to work in the “land of opportunity,” yet it was hardly that. The laborers were forced into horrible working conditions. Many died from exhaustion (often from working in the sun too long) from working in the fields picking food for the U.S. Many also suffered from disease.

The U.S. decided what was best for the issue of disease: a widespread use of a highly toxic livestock pesticide that braceros were often doused in as part of processing into the U.S.

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28 July 2014

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28 July 2014




Tear-drinking Butterflies

In the Amazon, it’s not uncommon to see groups of colorful butterflies fluttering around turtles basking along the river. This is because they drink the turtles’ tears—an invaluable source of salt for the herbivorous butterflies.


This is so cool

oh my gahd

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27 July 2014



please enjoy this video of an action packed, high speed fight between two cats.

ferocious beasts

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27 July 2014

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